February 23

Partners in Prevention Steering Committee, 4 to 6 PM, Town Hall

February 25

Youth to Youth / Students for Prevention meeting, 2:30 pm

March 10

MKES Parent Association presentation

March 11

Partners in Prevention Coalition Meeting, 7 to 9 PM, Town Hall

March 16

Mount Kisco Town Board presentation, 7:00 pm

April 11

Fox Lane High School Talent Show

April 18

Mount Kisco Library Book presentation, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

May 12

Northern Westchester Hospital Pediatric Department presentation, 8:00 am

New and Noteworthy in our community

Fox Lane students to hear about the consequenses of DUI: A Powerful Lesson” from Mark Sterner


Mark Sterner, a compelling speaker on the tragic consequences of DUI – drinking under the influence, has responded to our students’ request to address a Fox Lane assembly. He will, in fact, speak on Thursday, December 11th at two assemblies for the students and at an evening meeting for parents at 7:00pm. ” DUI:  A Powerful Lesson,”  tells his story of what happens when alcohol and driving mix and friends die. See Sterner presentation flyer

Mount Kisco Partners in Prevention is partnering with FLHSA,  FLMSA and the Bedford Drug Abuse Prevention Council to make this event a success. Our goal is to attract as many parents as possible. We will hold a parent discussion immediately after the presentation about parental involvement and problems in controlling student behavior in the face of the temptation and risks of alcohol and drug use; especially when combined with driving.

We hope this session will spark interest in continuing parent group discussions.


I do think he was a great way to start our National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness/Homecoming week. Most students in the audience were current student leaders and I know they were able to really absorb what he was saying. I think having actual footage of the night was key to having the audience connect with the story. We felt like we knew the boys too. I thought everything was effective.

Sharon Brownlow, Kennesaw State University

Our students at Augusta State University gave Mark Sterner a standing ovation, which showed me and other staff members from across campus here at ASU that he really touched their lives in a special way that night.

Jessica Haskins, Augusta State University

Mark spoke to our new freshmen at the University of Kansas. He connected with everyone, and we were all completely captivated by his story. After his presentation, many students came up to both him and me, thanking us for the experience. Mark is an amazing man with an incredible story, and I would recommend him to any group of students.

Tali David, University of Kanas

…I want to let you know that as my friends and I walked off the bleachers, every single one of us was deep in thought about what you had said; we each tried to act normal, tried to act as if we weren’t questioning every drunk decision we’d ever made, but that didn’t last long. When the topic came up we were all (all 30 of us) in agreement that your story was one of the most moving things we’d heard in a while. None of us can imagine losing each other, let alone imagine being responsible for it. None of us will ever drive drunk ever again.

Student, High School

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